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At Plessis Dental Centre, it’s the mission of our caring team to provide the highest level of convenience & personalized care for your entire family. We are your one-stop location for all aspects of safe & modern dentistry & we want to do our part to keep you healthy through your entire life!


Stay Healthy With Regular Cleanings!

Cleanings Help Protect You & Your Family From:

Heart Disease • Strokes • The Worsening of Asthma • The Worsening of Diabetes • Helps Ensure Healthy Pregnancy • Reduces Chances of Alzheimer’s • Reduces Chances of Dementia

Sources: National Institute of Health, NYU, University of Pennsylvania Dental School, Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease, Penn Medicine, British Dental Journal & Many More

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1783 Plessis Rd, #10
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Welcome After Work or School & on Saturdays!

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