6 Month Smile Braces Winnipeg

6 Month Smile braces is a breakthrough system designed for adults (16+) to straighten teeth in only 6 months.  This clear brace system is normally a much more cost-effective method to straightening your teeth over traditional braces or aligners due to the shorter treatment time.

6 Month Smile braces are clear, safe, comfortable, and barely noticeable providing results normally within 4 to 9 months.

The braces are designed to treat adults dealing with crooked teeth, spaced teeth or misaligned teeth.

6 Month Smile works as follows:

  1. First, a consultation is done in office with our trained specialist to see if you qualify as a candidate.
  2. Assuming you are a candidate, an appointment is scheduled and the braces are applied, usually only taking about 1 hour.
  3. At around 1 month, you should be very comfortable and used to wearing the braces; and movement in your teeth should just be starting.
  4. Between months 2 and 5, you should be able to see a big and positive change in the alignment of your teeth.  Each month you should be able to see the improvements and during this time, depending on your individual needs, you will require 3 to 7 adjustments to the 6 Month Smile brace system.
  5. At month 5 you should be only weeks away from removing the braces and enjoying your new and improved smile.
  6. At 6 months – you’re done!  You will now have the gorgeous smile you always wanted.

If you feel 6 Month Smile is a good option for your specific oral needs, please contact us here at Plessis Dental to set up an appointment with one of our specialists to learn if you are a candidate for this new and exciting brace system.

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